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Our Native Plants

The Friends plant and maintain the flower beds at Willow Point, the park’s southernmost section. We decided to join the growing movement to use native plants in Friends Meadow. Why? Native plants thrive in the local climate and soil conditions where they naturally occur. They provide nectar, pollen and seeds that feed butterflies, insects, birds and other animals. In contrast, most alien ornamentals provide neither food nor shelter for animals, and often require considerable effort to flourish. 

  • Native plants do not require fertilizer or pesticides 

  • They require less water  

  • They provide shelter and food for wildlife 

  • They promote biodiversity and restore natural habitats 

  • Native plants are low maintenance and provide beauty! 

  • Please check out Friends Meadow in the spring, summer and fall. To inspire you to create your own native garden - or to interplant natives in your existing garden, download our illustrated plant list (below).


A special thank you to local native plant expert Catherine Ludden, who was generous with her advice and suggestions. We encourage you to read her blog on the Greenburgh Nature site! 

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